Lego Sex Toys for Men

I love demoing lego sex toys for men. Involving no actual lego, but all the modularity. Items required:

  • Succulent Blossom A masturbation sleeve (but not the Fleshlight for this one!)
  • Slippery Stuff Lube (lots!)
  • Classix Bullet - Purple Any bullet vibrator
  • Happy Penis Stretch Rings Any number of stretchy cock rings

Combo #1

Just use the masturbation sleeve with the lube. Sometimes, simple is enough!

Combo #2

Use the masturbation sleeve with lube and insert the bullet into the other end of the sleeve (if it's a through-and-through sleeve) or use the bullet on the outside of the sleeve to add some variety.

Combo #3

Use the masturbation sleeve with lube and cock rings. How? Put the cock rings (as many as you want) in different configurations around the outside of the sleeve! It will provide an infinite number of various feelings. Bonus tip: the nubbies that are usually worn on the outside for clit stimulation during penis-in-vagina sex can be flipped to the inside to add even more varieties of stimulation.

Combo #4

Everything at once! Did you really need me to tell you that?

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  • Combo #3 @ $59 (12% savings) - Masturbation Sleeve, Water Based Lube & 3 C-Rings
  • Combo #4 @ $70 (16% savings) - Everything! Masturbation Sleeve, Water Based Lube, Bullet Vibrator & 3 C-Rings

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