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Also, check out my interview with the lovely Boston Sexpert, Dame Cooke, of The Next Great Generation (TNGG) online magazine. Read my take on the key to sexual pleasure, why my parties are NOT orgies, and some various party hilarity in the article: Interview with a Sex Toy Saleswoman

What is a Romantic Novelties Party?
I bring the sex toy store to you in party form. Instead of wandering into some sketchy place and looking at creepy images on sealed plastic boxes that don't tell you anything about the products, I put all my demo items out on display for you and your friends to touch, taste, see, and feel. I talk about each one, including spicy sex tips and creative alternative uses. Toss in some sexy games and it's a fun, giggly time for all!

How much does a Romantic Novelties Party cost?
It's absolutely free. I will come to your house/dorm/bar/tent/wherever to lead your romance party for no charge. This is, however, a business for me, so I do expect to make some sales; the more sales I make, the more stuff YOU get for free! Our prices are all quite reasonable and my arm is easily twisted into discounts and bundle deals when asked nicely.

What does the Host/Hostess get throwing this party?
Aside from the admiration of all your friends for bravely hosting a sex toy party in your home, we offer one of the best rewards programs in the industry. Simply: if I sell over $250 at your party (easy with your help!), you earn 25% of it as a free shopping spree. So, with minimal qualifying sales of $250, you're guaranteed at least $62.50 of free sex toys; and it's usually much more! Click the images for details and upcoming Exclusives!
Hostess Special Pure Instinct Silver Bullet Nympho's Desire What Makes Mona Lisa Smile? Hot Heart Massager

What does the Host/Hostess have to do?

  1. Set a date and time with me. Click here to contact me now!
  2. Invite three times as many guests as you expect to have. If you're comfortable with it, I recommend requesting/allowing your friends to bring other friends of theirs. I love using Facebook to organize these events.
  3. Keep the guests' excitement building for the party by encouraging pre-orders and raffle tickets. If it's a Facebook event, I can interact with your guests too and answer questions or run contests.
  4. If desired, provide decorations, food, and drinks for the party.
  5. Partner with me to encourage sales. Remember, the higher the party sales, the bigger your shopping spree will be.
  6. Figure out how to spend all your credit. What will you do with all those sex toys?!

Who throws these parties? Who attends these parties? Who buys stuff at these parties?
Everyone; there's a reason this industry is doing so well! I've done dorm parties, bachelorette parties, ladies' night parties, couples and co-ed parties (yes, I love partying with the menfolk too!), and even parties for seniors with spunk. If I can sit down with my grandmother as she goes through my catalog (that was kinda fun), I can make anyone feel comfortable. I've learned not to make assumptions about anyone; one person's yuck is another's yum, even though they may not admit it publicly.

Who are you, Jen Leigh?
One of my life goals has always been to increase people's awareness of and comfort with sex and sexuality. Among my own friends, I enjoy answering sex, intimacy, and relationship related questions and alleviating fears and concerns. Joining Intimate Expressions is a natural avenue for me to continue doing this with a broader audience by conducting fun, relaxed, educational parties in the safe atmospheres of people's homes with their closest friends. If you have any questions that you think I might be able to answer, regardless if you host or attend a party or purchase anything from me, I would be happy to speak with you. My email is always on!

Why do you do these parties? What's in it for you?
It's a fun, flexible way for me to earn some extra income while spending my spare time partying! This business truly is what you make of it. Some are able to make it a full time job, and some are just hobbyists. I enjoy seeing the direct results of my efforts, being my own boss, and especially the knowledge that I have a hyperactive support group of other independent romance advisors whenever I need them. 50% comissions and 50% off all my own, ah, 'personal needs' is nice too...

What does a bar party look like?
I am happy to work with any venue to create an event appropriate to the clientele. Instead of a full presentation, I play more games and run contests and raffles to keep everyone drinking AND feeling sexy. This can be a real draw for slow nights or an exciting addition to existing ladies' nights to keep regulars coming back. Definitely a cross promotional opportunity!

Why is a Romantic Novelties Party perfect for bachelorette parties, engagement parties, and bridal showers?
For these events, I play more wedding themed games and also offer 'bridal bucks' gift certificates for guests to purchase for the bride or couple. Imagine this scenario: you're the maid of honor who's been going crazy for months organizing all the details for your best friend's wedding. You need to arrange the bachelorette party on top of it all. This was SUPPOSED to be fun, but now it's like another full time job. My advice: call me in to do my thing, tell the bridesmaids to buy 'bridal bucks' as gifts for the bride to pick whatever she wants, and YOU keep the 25% Hostess Rewards and other Hostess goodies as compensation for your own hard work! You get an awesome party, gifts for the bride, and a reward for yourself all in one shot!