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Do What I Do!

Where are you getting your extra cash for the holidays?

As an Independent Romance Advisor, I enjoy 50% commissions on sales and get to spend my weekends partying while maintaining my full time job. I work when I want, where I want, for who I want.

If you are thinking of joining, there is no better time than NOW. We are currently offering a special Kit Sale through October 16, 2011.

For a limited time, you can start your business with Intimate Expressions for only $99.95. You can even earn back your investment with your first party!

For details, please click the image below and contact me to schedule a call or coffee date.


You Want to Put Glass WHERE?!

Yep, glass sex toys.


The number one thought on this is "EEK! Won't it break?!"


My answer: Have you ever used a drinking glass in a restaurant? Have your TEETH ever broken that glass? Likely not. Guess what? I doubt your nether regions are that strong either. Let's move on to benefits!


Dishwasher safe (with understanding housemates). Unlike all other toys, glass is completely non-pourous and can even be boiled to clean and disinfect.


Retains temperature for those who are interested in temperature play. Simply run under warm or cold water or stash in the fridge (not freezer! OW!) and it will retain that temperature during play.


Really hard and doesn't have any give like jelly or even some plastic toys do. Some like this rigidity.


Beautiful enough to display on a bookshelf. Especially when lit with colored lights


Welcome to my shiny new newsletter! You are receiving this because you have attended a party with me, Jen Leigh, within the past year. Your email address has been hand-entered into my own personal newsletter database and is not on any sort of corporate list. You may change your subscription settings via the links at the bottom of this email at any time. Future newsletters will be full of tips, articles, and specials only available to my subscribers.

I have been on a long journey as an Independent Romance Consultant. After joining Brown Bag Party in the fall of 2010 and working with some fabulous hostesses throughout that winter, Brown Bag Party closed its doors in the spring of 2011. But that didn't stop me! I, along with over 200 other representatives, migrated over to Intimate Expressions. So far, it's been a fantastic decision. The support (and selection!) with Intimate Expressions is simply astounding.

My demo kit has also expanded after almost every party I've done, so especially if you hosted or attended a party with me in 2010 or early 2011, there is now tons more to see, touch, taste, and feel.

As a bonus, I am giving away a free pot of Nipple Nibblers to anyone who mentions this newsletter and books a party with me before the end of the year. Click the image at right to book a party!

Lube It Up!

Lube is one of the most essential, often ignored components of fantastic, steamy, slippery, slidey, long lasting, awesome sex. Proper lubrication will make sex more pleasurable and comfortable whether experiencing solo sex or as a couple. It virtually eliminates any friction or burning sensation both during external stimulation and internal penetration, too. Lubes are ALWAYS a great item for any encounter, and with any kind of toy!


Which is the best lubricant to use? The one that works the best one for you. It's kind of like perfume: each body interacts differently to the lube and what might work for one person might not be a preference for someone else.


Water Based vs. Silicone Based:


Each has its advantages, and as stated above, use what you like! The only 'strict rule' is a counter intuitive one: do NOT use a silicone based lube with a silicone toy; they don't play nicely together and your toy may be ruined.


Water Based: good for people with chemical sensitivities; for use with silicone toys; for use when ingestion is highly likely. Remember, bodies are water based too and will absorb some of the lube, so reapply often!

I recommend Slippery Stuff, at left. It has only 4 ingredients. The first of which is water.


Silicone Based: good for manual play; for anal play; for marathon sessions. Silicone lube will stay put until you deliberately take it off, but don't be shy about reapplying as needed!

I recommend System Jo, at left. It is especially known for its use on latex costumes.


Both types of lube are compatible with latex and polyurethane condoms. Remember, anything oil based like Vaseline is NOT compatible with latex condoms and will actually cause it to break. (Though, I do have a fun tip for using Vaseline with condoms in a good way...)


Did you know?


Many women think that a burning sensation may be a latex allergy when sometimes it can just be that they are either not using a lubricant or not applying enough during use.


Customers will also sometimes say "I don't have a problem with lubrication" which, while may be true, does have its limits. Women's natural lubrication occurs at the beginning of stimulation and does not usually continue throughout a long period of action.


A Note on Over the Counter and Prescription Drugs:


Approximately 25% of ALL drugs, both over-the-counter and prescription ones, can cause some sort of vaginal dryness and if you are taking an antihistamine to dry out mucus membranes, guess where else it will dry out? Yep.


I wish the labels for those would say “If you are sexually active when taking this medication, please use a personal lubricant” but they don’t say that because they think you shouldn’t have sex with a runny nose!


*This article lovingly frankensteined from a piece by Kim Airs - industry goddess.

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